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    The only words that wanted to work their way through her brain were, Please fuck me now.
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  • He suddenly questioned whether or not he wanted to go to the supper and dance that badly. The man would be impressed with the facts and figures of the presentation, but what would the woman think?

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  • She made her way back toward the door, her exit as much a seduction as her entrance.
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  • Ted picked up the cups and examined his crestfallen friend.
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  • I say, Theydon, since you seem so insistent on interrupting our game, why do you not take a seat and join us?
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  • His mouth was inches from her and drops of spittle came out and hit her face. Aaron grabbed a fresh slice of bread from the center of the table where a stack of slices waited for them.
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  • The corner of a rug upturns and he stands there, blinking and bewildered, at a complete loss as to how to correct it.
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  • With all due respect, Mrs. Jacob, shouldn t you keep your focus on your husband? She was not particularly surprised to find a light aglow beneath Reilly's door.
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    A look of horrible realization hit him, I was a training prop! Did she want her children to have to spend half of their time with her and the other half with him and his new girlfriend or wife?
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  • He made a decent wage and could live comfortably off of it. Oh, Miriam, Megan began, do you know a place where I can sell a ring?
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  • He ordered more x-rays and asked that Elsa be left alone so she could rest.
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  • Did I really become so serious that I forgot the simple pleasures in life?
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